Blessing of the Animals – Oct. 4

St. Francis-animals

Remembering St. Francis of Assisi, lover of peace and nature, on Oct. 4, we will gather with St. John’s Presbyterian Church (5300 W. Bellfort) for a Blessing of the Animals celebration at 4:00 p.m., with an individual blessing of each animal during the celebration.  The Blessing will be in the courtyard of St. John’s this year.

Dogs, cats or other mobile animals should be brought on a leash or in a carrier.  If you have an aquarium or other pets that are difficult to transport, bring a picture of them.  If you do not have a pet, but would like to come for the festivities, all are welcome.  The public is invited!

The festival on the first Sunday in October also remembers St. Francis of Assisi, renewer of the Church and patron saint for the care of animals and all creation, whose annual day of commemoration is Oct. 4.