13th Month in 2015

We invite you to reflect on a blessed and eventful year at Salem in worship and service which included:

  • our 60th birthday celebration and “Food Truck Saturday” which was a gift to our neighborhood
  • wonderful Lent and Easter worship
  • service projects and ministry with refugees
  • our youth going to the ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit for an inspiring and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as a2015 Year End Campaign Art teen for worship and service with 40,000 Lutheran youth
  • Salem Serving Day
  • hosting an Iftar dinner with a Muslim community
  • three wonderful young people confirmed
  • the renewal and landscaping of the courtyard and playground
  • the securing of funds necessary to repair the parking lot, scheduled to take place in March.

As we approach the end of 2015, we hope that you, just like us, are thankful and proud to be part of our shared ministry at Salem.  We are looking forward to doing even more in 2016,  Your gifts to Salem are what make our shared ministry possible.

Ending the year in healthy financial shape is critical as we move forward.  Once again we find that our receipts to date have fallen short of those needed to fund our ministry together at Salem.  After 10 months, we project a shortfall of a little over $50,000 of our anticipated expenses to the end of 2015.  Here’s the good news:  We can wipe out the shortfall if each of us catches up in our giving, if we’re behind, and also give at least an extra month of giving — a 13th month of giving — before the end of the year.

  • Can we raise the needed money?  Yes, with an extra month of giving!
  • Do we need everyone to fulfill their pledge and regular giving?  Yes!
  • Do we need members to go above and beyond their regular giving?  Yes, with an extra month of giving!

Congregation Council asks you to take a moment to reflect on the important ministry we have at Salem and prayerfully to consider making a commitment to make a significant special gift in 2015, in addition to your normal contributions, that is equal to or greater than your normal December contribution.  By doing this we will all feel enriched knowing that we will enter into this exciting year ahead in solid financial health.

Thank you in advance for joining us in making a 13th month of giving to Salem before Dec. 31!