Flamingo Flocking Comes to a Yard Near You!



Has a flock of flamingos appeared in your yard with a Salem sign?  Someone who loves you sent them to surprise you!

This summer our youth will be attending the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit, July 15-19.  To raise funds, our youth are trying something new at Salem — Flamingo Flocking!

Here’s how it works:  A flock of flamingos appears in front yards.  There is a note explaining the flocking and how to have them move to another yard.  The extraction is done by our youth for a contribution to the Youth Gathering Fund!  A total of $8,000 is needed by our youth.

You can have someone’s yard flocked with flamingos to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holiday or just for fun!elca youth gathering 2015

  • What:  Flamingo Flocking
  • When:  March-July
  • Where:  Coming to a neighborhood yard near you!
  • Suggested Minimum Prices:  Small (25 flamingos) $50; Large (50 flamingos) $100
  • Insurance $200 prevents your yard from being flocked!
  • Find out who flocked you:  $20
  • Other:  Flamingos are removed 48 hours after placement.  Recurrent flocking could occur.

Need more information or want to sign up?  See the rolling bulletin board display in the Fellowship Hall and pick up a form, or read the March or April Salem News, or contact the Church Office (office@salemhouston.org or 713-723-3509).