In-Person Worship Returns to Salem!

We have returned to In-Person Worship!    There are restrictions of social distancing, masks, and no coffee or indoor fellowship time. The liturgy will be simplified to limit singing and the spread of airborne particles. Our HVAC system has been set to maximum outside air intake as recommended by the CDC. Below are the procedures we will follow for worship:

  1. Masks will be required at all times. We have extras at the church for those who forget.
  2. Do not socialize in the building, only outside. Continue to social distance and wear masks, even outdoors.
  3. Soft singing will be permitted under masks.
  4. It is recommended that you only sit with people from your own household.
  5. Stay at your own seat during worship except for receiving communion.
  6. When receiving communion, please keep social distancing using marks on the floor. Take the bread and wine then step to the side to drop your mask and eat/drink. Put on your mask and then return to your seat.
  7. Please remain seated until you are directed to leave.
  8. If using the restroom, leave the light on afterward. This keeps the exhaust fan running.

We will continue to livestream our worship on Facebook for those who are uncomfortable or unable to attend onsite.