Paving the Way

Where Are We with the Parking Lot Repairs?

Our existing parking lot needs to be repaired and resurfaced. It was last paved in 1990, Last fall we estimated the cost of replacement to be $45,000-50,000. We conducted the “Paving the Way” campaign, and the congregation generously responded with more than $42,000 for the project.
Now we have actual bids on the project, the increased cost of oil since 1990 and the amount of construction in the Gulf Coast area has greatly increased the cost of asphalt materials and labor. It has become apparent the paving project will cost $75,000-85,000.
We  still need about $5,000 more to complete the project – repairing the damaged areas, including the ones affected by subsidence, and repaving all of the asphalt areas.
How can you help? . . .We need generous contributions to our “Paving the Way” Fund! Please consider what you can do to assist with this critical project. Mark your check: Paving the Way. Gifts of stock are welcome too! We’d like to have all gift in soon so we can sign a contract and get the project completed during the hot months.