Reconciling in Christ

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At the Annual Congregation Meeting in January, in resounding fashion and without a dissenting vote, the congregation authorized the Congregation Council to register Salem as a Reconciling in Christ congregation. In March, Salem was awarded a certificate in recognition of Salem’s acceptance on the roster of Reconciling in Christ congregations.

At the January meeting, the congregation affirmed the longstanding welcome statement which follows.

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church is a welcoming community of faith in southwest Houston. We welcome everyone, regardless of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. We love Jesus, and we believe Jesus invites us to be people who love, serve and give.

We are biblical, sacramental, liturgical, musical, mission-oriented and community-minded. We are singles, couples and families. We love kids in worship and also welcome people who haven’t been here — or anywhere — in a while.

We are not perfect, but we are redeemed people who love, serve and give together in God’s grace.

Reconciling in Christ congregations hold what Salem states in the welcome statement that persons of any sexual orientation and gender identity are safe here, specifically that LGBT persons and their families will be respected and included, not vilified or ridiculed because of sexual orientation or gender identity.