Souper Bowl of Caring

In 1990, Souper Bowl of Caring began with a simple prayer that inspired a single youth group:

“Lord, even as  we enjoy the Super Bowl football game, help us be mindful of those without a bowl of so up to eat.”

Since then, more than $160 million has been generated for local charities across the country through Souper Bowl of Caring. It has become a powerful movement that transforms the time around the Big Game into the nation’s largest celebration of giving and caring for those in need.

If you go to  Braes Interfaith Ministries website (our neighborhood social ministry coalition), the first thing you see is a pop-up which reads in part:  “At present, we are serving an average of 70 people daily.  During this time of high unemployment with many families struggling to make ends meet, we hope to remain open for as long as food is available and our staffing needs are met.  Our food supplies are dwindling and our primary source for food, The Houston Food Bank, has suspended regular food orders for now.”

Since the pandemic is preventing us from “banging the soup pots” this year, we have been provided with a unique QR code which allows your donation to go directly to Braes Interfaith Ministries.  The total will be added to Salem’s total contributions on the Souper Bowl database.

Before you enjoy a social distanced Super Bowl please give generously to the Souper Bowl of Caring.