Virtual Nami Walks – May 30

At our March meeting, our Social Ministry Committee agreed to participate in the NAMIWalks. About a week later the 5K walk was one more “CoVid cancellation” so even though the team, Salem Lutheran, was registered, it was decided that we would wait until next year to participate.  In the following weeks, more information was received on the “Virtual Walk” so here is the information:

What does a virtual walk mean? It means virtually anything goes! To be part of our team go to to join team “Salem Lutheran.” If you would like to request donations, you can click on the “dashboard” icon and have your own Facebook fundraising page! Walk teams usually have their own t-shirts, and we thought that last year’s “Jesus Buddy” t-shirts would be perfect. The shirts are available for $10.00. Please contact the Church Office for a shirt.

What is NAMI? NAMI is short for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.   It is America’s largest grassroots organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals living with serious mental illness. NAMIWalks is a to ensure vital, free NAMI programs and services are available to provide help and hope to those in need. NAMI’s offers free educational programs for those who are diagnosed with a mental illness as well as their family members. All instructors or facilitators of these program are volunteers and the funds raised though NAMIWaks helps to pay for the printed materials.

The walk is a way of coming together to raise awareness about Mental Illness and to show our brothers and sisters with mental illness that they do not walk alone. What we will do on May 30, 2020 depends on what the virus does! It can be face to face, six-feet apart and walking together somewhere or it may be a “Zoom walk.” We will keep you posted!